Cleanse FAQ

Who can benefit from a cleanse? 

* Those who suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema, allergies, digestive disorders, and arthritis often benefit from eliminating inflammatory foods and “clearing the slate”.

* Chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, brain fog and mood instability also commonly improve after a cleanse.

* Looking to jump-start your way to a healthier diet and lifestyle?  A cleanse is a great way to start!

Expected Effects:

Most people report having higher energy, a clearer brain, better digestion, and reduced pain and inflammation at the end of cleanse.  During the first few days of a cleanse, however, some people notice that they feel more sluggish or foggy as their system adjusts to the program.  Ideally we are introducing the cleanse in such a way as to minimize these “detox” reactions

What does a cleanse entail??

Diet — the point of a cleanse is to minimize intake of foods and substances that may be causing inflammation or stress on the body.  Our cleanse focuses on eating CLEAN by eliminating inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, and sugar as well as caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and other substances that may be causing inflammation.

Schedule:  During the cleanse one will eat 1-3 balanced, anti-inflammatory meals daily, depending on the depth of the program.  Most participants will consume one-two protein shakes daily.  For those following the program exactly, the first few days consist of one shake in the morning and two balanced meals.  Day 4 on consists of two shakes daily and one balanced meal.  Some may choose to limit their shakes to 1 daily, or do no shakes at all.

Shakes:  Shakes consist of protein powder and/or detox powder, greens, fat, and fiber.  There are many recipes that contain fruit and should be make in a blender.   However, the powders can be combined with water or almond milk and made in a shaker cup as well.  We have these in the office as well.

Lifestyle:  During a cleanse we ask participants to focus on healthy lifestyle habits, such as adequate sleep and exercise.  We also discuss other cleansing tools such as dry skin brushing, sauna, colon hydrotherapy, and castor oil packs.