Dr. Sandy Lutrin, Dr. Tara Levy, Dr. Elizabeth Korza

Tara Natural Medicine, a naturopathic family practice, was founded in 1999 in Concord, California by Dr. Tara Levy. In October 2010 Tara Natural Medicine moved to Lafayette, and in December 2015 we moved to our current location in Piedmont, California. Dr. Lutrin, Dr. Korza, and Dr. Zamecki joined the practice in Piedmont, allowing us to reach more patients throughout the east bay. Our doctors provide high quality natural medicine care for people of all ages and conditions.

To contact the office, or schedule an appointment, call 925-949-8604 or e-mail the front office. See specific hours for each doctor below.

Office Hours

Dr. Tara Levy
Tuesdays 1-4:30, Wednesdays 9-12, Fridays 9-4

Dr. Elizabeth Korza
Wednesdays 9-5, Thursdays 9-5, Fridays 9-4

Dr. Sandy Lutrin
Tuesdays 10-5, other days by appointment

Dr. Elizabeth Zamecki
Tuesdays, 9:30-12:30, Thursdays 10-5

Jenny Harris, Health Coach
Wednesdays 1-5, Thursdays 7-8, Fridays 4-7