Tara Natural Medicine provides a wide range of natural medicine services for both adults (men and women) and children.   The doctors treat many chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, and autoimmune conditions, and also treat acute conditions such as ear infections, colds, and the flu.

Office visits with the doctors range from 60-90 minutes in length for new patients and 30-45 minutes for established patients, depending on the nature of the concern.  Visits take place in our offices, where we provide a supportive, comfortable environment to encourage a open and healthy therapeutic relationship.

The doctors also provide consultation via telephone, e-mail, and video conference for established patients who are unable to come into the office during regular office hours, or who live a great distance away.

Home visits can be also arranged on an individual basis.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 925-949-8604 or send a message to

Before your first visit you will be registered for our patient portal and asked to fill out some health history forms.  Additionally you should print, sign, and bring in this Informed Consent  form.  If you are not yet a patient, please call the office at 925-949-8604 and our staff will be happy to help you schedule with any of the doctors.

Office Hours

Dr. Tara Levy
Tuesdays and Fridays 9-4, Wednesdays 9-12

Dr. Sandy  Lutrin
Mondays 1-3, Tuesdays 10-5

Dr. Elizabeth Korza
Wednesdays 11-5, Thursdays 10-5, Fridays 9-5

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