Ask Dr. Drouin: Why do you do so many parasite cleanses?

by Dr. Autumn Drouin

One of the most important treatments you can do for your health is an antimicrobial cleanse. Microbes include yeasts, molds, viruses and parasites. We are constantly exposed to these pathogens in our food, air, water,  as well as via pets and other people. In a world full of stress and improper eating we don’t have the normal defenses against these invaders, causing imbalances or what is called “dysbiosis” in the gut.

Symptoms of dysbiosis include bloating, gas, lethargy and fatigue.  All of the body’s systems can be affected, especially the immune system. In my practice, I start most people on an antimicrobial specific to their needs. It is hard to improve overall health without doing this first. After we heal the gut, then we can go on and start to heal the whole body.

It is a good idea to help boost your immune system before the cold and flu season by pursuing an antimicrobial cleanse, when warranted.  If you suspect that you may suffer from dysbiosis, please come in and together we can figure out what specific treatments can help put you on the path to better health.

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