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Food Allergy or Sensitivity?

by Sandy Lutrin, ND IgG and IgE, What are they? With the prevalence of food allergies, and awareness on the rise, many people are wondering if they have food sensitivities and whether they should avoid certain foods for the sake … Continue reading

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How to support your body during this time of increased smoke and toxin exposure.

by Elizabeth Korza, ND and Tara Levy, ND I opened my door this morning to find ash raining from the sky. The fires up north are devastating to the people that live there and are making the air quality in … Continue reading

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Flu Prevention — Alternatives to the “Shot”

Every year patients ask whether or not they should receive the flu vaccine.   While the decision whether or not to vaccinate is a personal one, there are other immune supportive options should one decide that the conventional flu vaccine isn’t … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Sleep?

by Sandy Lutrin, ND Insomnia is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from my patients. Research has now established that this distressing condition weakens the immune system and can lead to elevated levels of cortisol and other stress … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Drouin: Why do you do so many parasite cleanses?

by Dr. Autumn Drouin One of the most important treatments you can do for your health is an antimicrobial cleanse. Microbes include yeasts, molds, viruses and parasites. We are constantly exposed to these pathogens in our food, air, water,  as … Continue reading

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