Welcome Back Dr. Elizabeth Large!!

We are excited to announce that after almost two years away from our office, Dr. Elizabeth Large will be re-joining Tara Natural Medicine part-time later this month.   Dr. Large has been missed by many TNM patients since her move to Santa Rosa, and we are thrilled that she will be again seeing patients in our office.   She will be seeing patients on Thursdays from 10-5, beginning April 21.

Dr. Elizabeth Large graduated from Southwest Naturopathic College in 2000 and began her naturopathic career working with Julia Ross in Mill Valley, CA treating mood disorders, addiction and eating disorders. She went onto opening her own office in Mill Valley and working at Tara Natural Medicine doing naturopathic primary care with children and adults. A large proportion of her patients were highly sensitive and suffering from immune dysfunction. Realizing that these patients had Lyme disease is what led her to specialize in Lyme and chronic fatigue. She has been treating chronic Lyme and chronic fatigue patients since 2009. Since that time, she has interned with lyme experts, Dr. Wayne Anderson, Ann Corson, MD and Ray Jones, MD and has worked at Gordon Medical Associates a clinic specializing in complex chronic illness and Lyme since 2011. Her focus on treating lyme from a whole body approach and working with the sensitive patient population has attracted patients from Europe and across the US.

In January 2016, Dr. Large left Gordon Medical to be able to give more time to being a parent to her now 9 year old foster child. Dr. Large’s expertise includes: Adult and Pediatric Lyme and immune disorders, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for men and women, endocrine issues, as well as primary care naturopathic medicine for adults and children.

For questions or to schedule with Dr. Large, please contact our front office at 915-949-8604 or via e-mail.

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