Flu Prevention — Alternatives to the “Shot”

Every year patients ask whether or not they should receive the flu vaccine.   While the decision whether or not to vaccinate is a personal one, there are other immune supportive options should one decide that the conventional flu vaccine isn’t for you.  Each year we offer Influenzinum, an oral  homeopathic remedy made from the flu vaccine, as another way to prevent the flu.  This year we are also offering a homeopathic injectible immune booster from Europe that has an excellent record in preventing the flu — a “natural flu shot”.

A homeopathic remedy,  “Influenzinum” provides a safe and effective alternative to the vaccine.  Each year the makers take the current year’s flu vaccine to make up their remedy, so the remedy is designed to match the predicted strains of flu virus.  In addition to being used for prevention, this remedy can also be used to treat flu symptoms should they appear.  For those of us who have concerns about the flu and the flu vaccine, Influenzinum is an excellent non-toxic option, appropriate for both children and adults. The 2016-17 version will arrive in our office in the next two weeks, so contact the office to reserve a tube for you and your family – you can pick it up or we can mail it out once they arrive.  We sell out of this remedy every year!

This flu season we will be offering an immune-boosting injection as an adjunct to our usual homeopathic flu prevention protocol.  Engystol is a combination of homeopathic remedies formulated specifically to boost immune function by activating and supporting the body’s defense mechanisms and it’s innate ability to heal itself.  Engystol can be given as an alternative to the flu vaccine.  It offers protection for those traveling in airplanes and to those exposed to sick people.  When given at the first sign of a cold or flu,  it lessens the symptoms and shortens the duration of the illness.  But don’t wait.  Be prepared this flu season!  We will be offering Natural Flu Shots at our B12 Happy Hours as well as during office hours.   Schedule an appointment for your natural flu shot today!

These remedies can be used together to help your body create strong defenses this flu season, or you can choose the one that best meets your needs.  In addition to these flu prevention strategies, any of our doctors can create an individual immune support protocol that targets your individual needs.  Contact the office to schedule time with any of us to keep your immune system on track!


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