Breast Thermography Clinic — NOVEMBER

Our next breast thermography screenings are on Thursday, November  3rd, 2016 from 10 am – 5 pm.  The price for screening is $225 – this includes screening, interpretation, report, a copy of the images and, if needed, a review of findings with one of the doctors.  Our last several clinics have been completely full, so  schedule yours soon!

Unlike Mammography or other forms of breast imagery, breast thermography is a technique that detects the heat produced by increased blood vessel circulation that may be associated with a tumor’s genesis and growth. By detecting minute variations in normal blood vessel activity, infrared imaging may find thermal signs that suggest a pre-cancerous state or the presence of an early tumor that may not be large enough to be detected by physical examination, or mammography.

Breast Thermography is especially helpful for women with dense breast tissue that is difficult to see on mammography or younger women who are still menstruating.   Thermography does not replace mammography, but can be used as an additional way to screen the breasts.  This service is available to the general public as well as patients of Tara Natural Medicine.  To schedule, or to have questions answered about thermography, please message or call the office at 925-949-8604.

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Jump-Start Your Health!

Finish up the leftover holiday treats and make a commitment to your health this year!  Our 14-day cleanse program starts Wednesday, January 18.  14 days of clean eating, healthy supplementation, and positive lifestyle choices will get you moving in the right direction.  Look for more details here, or contact our office for more information.


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Keep Your Brain SHARP!

by Sandy Lutrin, ND

As we get older neural pathways shrink, connectivity between synapses slows, and brain metabolism and blood flow are reduced.  However, recent research shows that we can regain brain losses, strengthen synapses. and increase blood flow at any age.  When you adopt healthy brain-lifestyle behaviors, you will notice improvements.  Start focusing on these proven habits and your brain and memory will reap the benefits.

Healthy Diet:  The acronym MIND stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.  Studies have shown that adults who follow the MIND diet score as much as seven and a half years younger than their chronological age on cognitive tests.  The focus of this diet is on consuming fresh, organic vegetables, beans, whole grains, mixed nuts, omega-3 containing seafood, poultry, Extra Virgin olive oil and one daily glass of wine, while limiting red meat, cheese, butter, margarine, pastries and other sweets, and fried and fast foods.

Exercise:  Exercise is a proven way to boost brain health.  It increases blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain.  In so doing, it increases the circulation of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which helps grow new neural circuits.

Herbal Medicines:  Supplements containing  herbs and nutrients such as  Ginkgo, Bacopa, Vinpocetine, Huperzine, Rhodiola and Ashwaganda may provide added benefits to the aging brain.  All of these may not be appropriate supplements for everyone, so it is best to consult your ND before adding these to your daily regimen.

This information is based on research done by Gary Small M.D., director of the University of California, Los Angeles Longevity Center.

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B12 for the Holidays!

Just a reminder,  B12 Happy Hour will be CLOSED in Oakland on Saturday December 24 and in Walnut Creek on Wednesday December 28.  There will be a  B12 Happy Hour on Monday Dec 26 and Saturday December 31, as well as in OAKLAND on Weds Dec 28.  We’ll see you back in Walnut Creek in the New Year!

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Cleanse in the New Year!

Ready to clean out the old and bring in the new?  Want to get your new year started with a healthy glow?  Join me for a 14 day guided, virtual cleanse!  3 Classes (live on your computer/phone OR recorded), 5 supplements, and loads of support to help you reduce inflammation, support digestion, and improve energy.  A cleanse can uncover hidden food sensitivities and help reboot your system,  setting up healthy habits to carry forward for the rest of your life.  What are you waiting for?  Contact our office for more information.




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