Jenny Harris, health coach

Jenny has a decade of experience navigating through the limitless information about what to eat to be healthy. Nutrition is confusing! Jenny helps people in their wellness journey through figuring out what is needed to best support dietary and lifestyle changes, and by taking an honest look at what’s getting in the way of reaching these goals. Jenny is also certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and enjoys helping people with stress-management in her coaching.

Here at Tara Natural Medicine, Jenny will work with your Naturopathic Doctor to offer support completely tailored to your needs and goals. With Jenny you’ll work one-on-one on to optimize your diet, lifestyle, and sense of well being. You’ll learn how to shop for, prepare, and enjoy healthy foods that you’ll love. In addition, she offers email support in between sessions so you’re never alone with these changes. Jenny specializes in gut health, emotional eating, and stress management. She also incorporates Yoga Therapy into her work when helpful.