COVID-19 Update 2

Dear all patients of Tara Natural Medicine,

We plan on sending regular communications to keep in touch with you during this difficult time.  We hope that the resources that we share with you are useful!  If you have missed anything we have posted, please visit our website and look at “recent posts” for the most recent newsletters.  There is also a link for “resources” you should see there that we will keep updated.

We are available to work with you on optimizing your health, as we continue to provide video and telephone consults and see patients in the office as needed.   If you have any questions about any of this, or need to schedule an appointment, please reach out to the office by phone or e-mail. 

Our in-office dispensary is well stocked with nutrients, herbs, and other supplements to support you.  We also just received a new order of Khushi Hand Sanitizer (lavender, 70% alcohol).  We are also able to make customized tinctures for your individual health needs — be sure to contact your doctor for a short consult and a customized recommendation.  All supplements are available for mailing from our office (please place orders by noon for same day shipping) or for pick-up (call in advance, please!).

Ordering from our office or on Fullscript allows you to get the highest quality supplements and have them shipped directly to your door,  and also supports our small business.  We hope you will consider this if you are ordering supplements via Amazon or elsewhere!  In addition we are offering a discount for all FullScript orders if needed to help during this time — please reach out to us individually about this.

Wishing you all good health and safety during this time and always.
Tara Levy, ND
Elizabeth Korza, ND
Sandy Lutrin, ND
Elizabeth Zamecki, ND
and the staff of Tara Natural Medicine

Wear a Mask!

The CDC and California officials are now recommending covering your face when in public with a non-medical, cloth mask.  Officials are also quick to note that wearing a face mask should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing or hand washing, but can give an additional layer of safety when out in public.  I don’t know about all of you, but my experience in grocery stores these past few weeks has been that maintaining a 6 foot distance is easier said than done!  I was happy to see more masks in the store this past week, of all types. 

In addition to their recommendation, the CDC has come out with this guide on how to wear and make homemade face coverings, both for those who sew and for those who do not.  They even include a great method for those who do not sew, using a cloth bandana, coffee filter, and hair ties.  Please pass this resource on! 

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