Online Dispensary Updates!

Many of you have been using our online dispensary in the past 9 months, and have found it to be a convenient and valuable service.  We are very grateful that this service exists and how easy it makes sending our physician-recommended supplements directly to you!

A few changes have occurred in the past month to this service that I wanted all to be aware of.  First, the name of the service has changed from HealthWave to Fullscript.  So if you see a new name on your credit card receipt, this is why!  Another change is that they now offer free shipping for ALL orders, not just those over $49.  However, free orders now take 4-7 business days to deliver while priority shipping of 2-3 days is $4.95 per order.  Overnight shipping is also available.  We continue to keep a dispensary in the office, but are focusing on products that are needed for acute conditions rather than long-term maintenance.   We also continue to custom blend tinctures, teas, and provide individual homeopathic remedies.

Though ALL of the products we recommend are not available through Fullscript, most of the brands and products we use are available here.  We prefer that you order by contacting our office, via phone or e-mail, which allows us to ensure that the supplements you are ordering are still appropriate for your plan.   You can also order yourselves directly through the Fullscript link on our website.  This comes in handy especially for the supplements you might be taking long term, such as multi-vitamins and fish oil.  If you don’t see your regular supplements listed under your name, please contact the office about ordering the correct supplements for you.

Professional-grade supplements maintain the highest industry standards when it comes to raw materials used, certified manufacturing standards, along with rigorous product and purity testing.  Fullscript works with an established distributor that receives products directly from the manufacturer, stores and ships the products under optimal conditions, and ensures that the products you receive are not near expiration.  The same can not be said of other online re-sellers!

We appreciate those of you who continue to support our practice by taking advantage of this service.  To thank you all we have authorized a 5% discount on all Fullscript orders, which you will see upon checkout.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 925-949-8604 or through e-mail at

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