NAET Information Night — A Cure for Allergies!

Martha’s Allergy Cure

Martha, a good natured women in her fifties was referred to my practice by one of my patients. She had a long history of daily diarrhea. When her symptom first started she asked her doctor if her condition could be food allergy related. She was assured that this wasn’t the case, and for twenty-seven years she lived with her condition.

When food allergies became more recognized as a cause of bowel problems, her doctor recommended food allergy testing. When the allergenic food was identified and eliminated from her diet Martha’s bowel symptoms totally cleared up.

When I inquired as to the offending food, she replied “I want you to find it.” That seemed fair to me, and I used MRT (Muscle Response Testing) to identify the culprit. Grains as a group provoked a weak muscle response indicating a sensitivity. I then tested the common grains one by one and found “wheat” to be the villain.

After ten NAET treatments Martha was able to consume wheat products without untoward symptoms.

About a year later Martha came in seeking help. She recently had added bran muffins from her favorite bakery to her diet and they triggered the old familiar symptom. On MRT she tested strong for wheat and for wheat bran, however the combination “wheat + wheat bran” triggered a weak response. One NAET treatment for the latter combination and she was able to enjoy all six varieties of muffins. She was very pleased and we both thought this was the happy ending, but there was more to come.

After another symptom free year she reported that the latest addition to the muffin line, the cranberry muffin, was triggering the familiar bowel problems. On MRT she tested strong for wheat and for cranberry but weak for the combination “wheat & cranberry.” We again treated her with NAET, this time for the combination “wheat & cranberry”. This was Martha’s final treatment and she has now been symptom free for almost four years — consuming wheat products including the ENTIRE line of muffins.

Martha is but one example of the many patients I’ve had the pleasure to help with food allergies/sensitivities in my practice. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include brain fog, hyperactivity, anxiety, skin rashes, asthma, bladder infections, fatigue, etc. Many diseases are partially or entirely caused by food allergies. NAET is an effective and noninvasive method of giving permanent relief to allergy sufferers.

NAET lecture and demonstration April 25 or June 27, 7-8 pm at our Lafayette office.  Please contact us to RSVP or for more information or sign-up online to attend.

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